Brad Marlowe
Author - Screenwriter - Filmmaker - Photographer - Graphic Artist

          Brad Marlowe

                 Writer – Filmmaker – Photographer – Graphic Artist

                                              4140 Pine Avenue Long Beach, CA 90807                             (562) 230-1360                  


I’d love to put my unique skill set to good use to help your company thrive. As an award-winning writer and independent filmmaker, a graphic artist, and a photographer, all of the work I've done has involved creating innovative ideas, communicating those ideas succinctly to members of my team, devising effective solutions to tough problems, and then bringing those fresh ideas to life in ways that capture the attention of an "audience" in order to make a lasting impression. I have led a film crew with 100 team members, working with a multimillion dollar budget – but I've also worked as a one-man production company, hand-crafting a feature-length historical documentary for $150,000. I am a tireless worker, creative problem solver, a battle-tested leader, an innovative thinker and an exceptional communicator.



Advertising Work  
Tesoros Fine              Copywriter, Architectural Photographer, Graphic Artist, Multimedia Advertising Designer
Furniture                     I photographed the luxurious interiors of more than a dozen impressive homes, designed by the store’s owner,
                                    and then retouched and created large-format color prints for the designer’s portfolio and in-store displays. I 
                                    conceptualized, wrote copy for, designed and delivered print advertising for a variety of glossy publications. I 
                                    designed and created a polished multimedia DVD presentation for the store which combined photographs, 
                                    client testimonials, graphics, music and interviews.

Long-Form Fiction  
House of Drums         Author

Psychological Thriller/Supernatural Horror Novel. A young dyslexic stumbles upon a miraculous, addictive and gruesome means of taking knowledge directly from others – while his estranged father, a sadistic killer, travels down a parallel path towards destruction. Published for the Kindle, Nook, and iPad in 2011. The paperback edition will be available in 2012.

 Sleepwalker:              Author
The Last Sandman    Contemporary Young Adult Fantasy Novel, best described as a thematic cousin to Peter Pan and Alice's
                                    Adventures in Wonderland, published for the Kindle, Nook and iPad in 2010. The paperback edition came out
                                    in 2011 and has a 4.5 star average (of 5 possible) across 31 reviews at

Pop Shot                     Author

Mystery Novel. After a string of suspicious L.A. suicides committed by young women who had recently auditioned for porn films, a "B-List" independent filmmaker is coerced by a desperate federal agent into working undercover as the director of a big budget X-rated movie. (Work in progress)

Feature Films  
Glass House               Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor  

Feature‑length Historical Documentary that tells the amazing story of a Salvadoran diplomat and his Jewish assistant who issued more than 25,000 lifesaving certificates of Salvadoran nationality to Jews in Nazi occupied territories during WWII. Glass House screened in the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival and AFI Silver Docs, as well as several black tie galas in Washington, D.C. and a special event at the Museum of Tolerance. The film was directly responsible for articles about its subjects (Colonel Jose Castellanos and George Mantello) in the Washington Post, and for the inclusion of Castellanos and Mantello in the Museum of the Holocaust, and for Yad Vashem’s official classification of Colonel Castellanos as “Most Righteous Among Gentiles”.

Second to Die             Writer (Uncredited), Director

35mm Crime Drama starring Erika Eleniak, Paul Winfield and Colleen Camp. I was brought in to replace the director in the second week of production and to execute a page-one rewrite of the script while filming. When I was hired, the script was nearly unintelligible, the project was hemorrhaging money and the production was days away from being shut down by its financiers. After a complete rewrite and the addition of an entirely new subplot, with a new cast, shot three months after principal photography had wrapped – and four months of judicious editing – I completed the film, the producers found mainstream distribution, and Second to Die made its money back for its backers, against all possible odds (see references). Distributed by New Concorde.

Wednesday’s Child    Writer, Producer, Director, Editor

Feature‑length 35mm Drama made for $120,000.  This film premiered as part of Independent Feature Project West’s "New Visions" Screening Program. Wednesday's Child went on to win the prize for Best Feature Film at the Austin Film Festival, and Deluxe Labs honored me with their Young Filmmaker Award. Distributed by Devin International.

Object of                     Writer
Obsession                  Feature‑length 35mm Erotic Thriller.  Run-of-the-mill late night cable fare notable only for the fact that it was
                                    written in eight days, at the behest of the Producers. Distributed by Axis Films.

At Home with              Writer, Co-Producer, Director
the Webbers               Feature‑Length 35mm Dark Comedy starring Jennifer Tilly, David Arquette, Robby Benson, Jeffrey
(aka, The Webbers'   Tambor and Jonathan Schecht. One of the first feature films to present the idea of Reality TV –
15 Minutes)                 before Reality TV existed.  Distributed by Artisan Entertainment (formerly Live Entertainment).


Additional Writing

Paloma                       Staff Writer
Productions               Developed ideas, treatments and scripts for Latin-themed feature films.

Playboy Magazine      Freelance Contributor
                                    Reviewed video games and new technology for the Wired section of the magazine

PC Computing            Freelance Contributor
                                    Wrote articles on new technology and the complex issues arising from them.

Rage Magazine           Columnist
Wrote a monthly two‑page video game column.

Concorde/                   Story Analyst
New Horizons              Read screenplay submissions and supplied in-depth analysis.


Education & Training

NYU Film School

Robert McKee’s Story Structure Workshop

Dov Simmens’ Low‑Budget Production Seminar


Best Feature Film, Austin Film Festival (Wednesday's Child)

Deluxe Lab’s Young Filmmaker Award ($35,000 prize)

Bronze Apple, National Educational Film & Video Competition


Additional Skills

I’ve functioned as a one‑man production company; performing all pre-production, production and post-production tasks for the lauded documentary, Glass House. I own a Canopus RES Flex Editing Station, a Chromatte green-screen compositing system, and two large-format color printers. I am a former professional still photographer with Canon EOS 1DS and Canon 5D Mark II digital cameras, assorted Canon "L" series lenses, and a complete lighting package. I have extensive experience retouching and printing standard and large‑format digital photographs, and have created original movie poster and book cover art. I'm adept with computers (PC), and have mastered Adobe Photoshop, both blue and green-screen FX compositing, Adobe Premiere (nonlinear editing), Adobe Audition (Sound/Music Editing), Sonic DVDit, Adobe Encore and Ulead DVD Workshop (DVD Authoring). I have edited my feature films on a Christy flatbed system (35mm film – cut on film), an AVID nonlinear system (35mm film – digitized and edited on the AVID), and the Canopus RES system (HD digital video). I also worked as a union projectionist (IATSE, Local 504) for ten years.


References, full texts of the novels and screenplays, my feature films, samples of my graphic art
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